Starcraft 2: The Crystal Shards Campaign

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This is a custom campaign starring Stetmann and his journeys after leaving the Hyperion.
Join Stetmann as he explores the stars for ancient Xel'Naga Crystal shards.
Level up Stetmann, your base, and armies with new tech and many challenges along the way!


- 3 (of 7) Planets available
- 9 (of 21) total Missions available
- Fully Voiced
- Original Soundtrack
- In-game Cinematics
- Upgrade your arsenal with Tech earned from various objectives
- Customize your perks and research capabilities
- Achievements
- Balanced for 4 difficulties ( Casual / Normal / Hard / Brutal)
- Archive mode (replay older missions with tech and units earned in later missions)




InstallIMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from a previous release (e.g. v1.0), copy and REPLACE ALL of the files.
Every single map and mod file has been updated and is not reverse-compatible.
Do not worry, your campaign progress will not be affected by this overwrite.

1. Download the latest The Crystal Shards release
2. Open up your Starcraft 2 install directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II )
3. Extract the `Maps` and `Mods` folders into the Starcraft 2 install directory *Note: You might need to manually create the `Mods` directory
4. Your file structure should look something like this:
File Structure

That's it! You're ready to play!


There are two methods for how to launch the campaign.
It is important to always use the "Launcher" map instead of jumping directly into a mission. Skipping the launcher can result in incorrect loading or corrupted data for this campaign.

[OPTION 1] - Use the Editor
1. Open the Starcraft 2 Editor (Battle.net Launcher > Starcraft 2 > Launch Editor)
2. Open up the "Maps\TheCrystalShards\Launcher.SC2Map" local file
3. Press the "Test Document" button (the green SC2 button in the upper-right)

[OPTION 2] - Skip the Editor
1. Open up the Starcraft II install directory
2. Open up the "Support" folder (or "Support64" if you're on a X64 machine)
3. In a separate file explorer open up the "Starcraft II\Maps\TheCrystalShards" directory
4. Drag and drop the "Launcher.SC2Map" file on "SC2Switcher.exe"
Tip: You can make this even easier by creating a desktop shortcut of SC2Switcher.exe so you don't need 2 file explorers open.

Enjoy the campaign!


Discuss the campaign, earn server achievements, and get cool strats on Discord!

Campaign by Gemster312
Original Soundtrack by Shimshon the Gadite

All of my content is free for everyone to enjoy! However, it costs a lot of time and resources to make. If you'd like to help fund this passion project, I would greatly appreciate your donations. Even if you cannot, I still greatly appreciate you for reading this. Have a wonderful day!