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This is the final version.

Due to me Final Fantasy 13 project i will no longer be updating this library.


v2.10 - FIXED MAJOR BUG with names and the way they are banked. the delete was deleting other saves as well.

v2.01 - Small bug with a variable not being named properly.


added remove saves! Added Hero Select Screen for east hero loading and saving! manages your BANK file! Easy implementation to your map! just drag and drop! only a few things to configure!


Fixed bug where saving under different names causes the same items to be saved with them.

to fix this bug yourself with the previous version add:

 Unit Group - Remove all units from Player 1 - Item Group

to trigger; Bank - Load, after:

Unit - Remove Player 1 - Hero from the game

and trigger; Player 1 - Bank - Save Items, at the very end after:

Bank - Save bank Bank - Var Bank Name[1]


Can now properly save across closing and re-opening the map minor typos updated some comments


Cleaned some variable stuff up. changed the command to set the name save. fixed name to properly store as the name without the text command


Fixed the way items are stored in the XML.


Alpha Release.

Items names have to be one word. IE "Iron Bangle" has to be named "IronBangle" for the items to load properly
You can still set the tooltips to have the space.