Save/Load System!

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This is a save load system for Basic hero information and items

Final version released!

Due to my other project Final Fantasy 13 this will be the final release. It should have enough in it to get you going. I did fix a bug so you should Download the new version. the bug did not allow you to save in the name has been saved already.

Be Sure to rate my project here! http://sc2.curse.com/downloads/sc2-maps/details/saveload-system.aspx


Newest Version 2.10: Fixed a major bug with the way names are saved, if any names are similar and you delete the save it will delete those saves as well IE i have save Jim and a save Jim123. If i delete Jim, Jim123 will be deleted also. This is a major bug, you need to delete your old Bank files also.

5/7/2010 HUGE UPDATE! v2.00

  • added remove saves!
  • Added Hero Select Screen for easy hero loading and saving! manages your BANK file!
  • Easy implementation to your map! just drag and drop! only a few things to configure!
  • forgot to mention in a comment on the "map Initialization" there are these:
        Bank - Open bank "MYBANKNAME" for player 1
        Variable - Set Bank - Bank Name[1] = (Last opened bank)

you need to create one for each player so player 2 would look like this:

        Bank - Open bank "MYBANKNAME" for player 2
        Variable - Set Bank - Bank Name[2] = (Last opened bank)

I will be keeping this map updated with any improvements on the system to save other things.

this will save all your inventory items to the BANK XML file.

Free to use i just ask for credit when credit is due.

You can save/load as many heroes as you like.

BIG thanks to Crazafied for the help with getting this fully functional! Big shout out and credit to picklefish! his store and based the hero select screen off of it.