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Immortal: SCI-FI Evolution

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In this map you will have the ability to control a hero, run around and pretty much do as you please.

The map is currently in beta version 1.4

Video made by Taintedwisp/IShadowWolf

The map has a few key features...

The Randoms - Almost every aspect of the game is randomly generated. All civilians walk around pretty much aimlessly, but some randomly create a structure near them. There's also a merchant, school, college, and a company that are all also randomly placed on the map.

Night and Day - Unlike most maps, this one features a night and day system where at night there are over 100 pirates constantly overrunning the city while at day the city is laid back and fairly easy to play.

Hunger - The heroes are constantly hungry all the time and the only way to feed the hero is to be inside of something. On the map you can have a house or a car and these both feed hunger, but you also can pay a fee to hide on the hotel on the right side of the battlefield.

Merchants - Merchants when near them allow you to pay for different upgrades and can even be paid for a pet or a car. Cars are super powerful and can run over most enemies. Pets unlike the car can be infinitely spawned but are also expensive.

Quests - The game also features random quests between 15 different ones. The quests will either ask for you to find an item, talk to a friend, kill an enemy, kill multiple enemies, or collect some money. Once completed, you will gain a reward.

Houses - Houses or mansions that are randomly built may also be selected to be purchased but for a 4000 or 6000 fee. They can be hidden inside of to replenish hunger.

Cops and Pirates - Cops will chase you down if you attack neutrals or cops. Pirates however kill you no matter what, but won't hunt you down.

Bounties - Everything in the game can be destroyed with the exception of players and civilians as well as a few other neutrals, but buildings and all enemies can be killed for money.

More features to come in the released version!

I am currently hiring people for the release. No, not for payment, but you will recieve credit for anything you do. The positions available are...


-Voice Actor

-Spell Creator (DATA)

Thanks! The map is currently in beta and is called Immortal: Sci-Fi Evolution BETA or just search for Immortal. Thanks again for your support and for reading this message!

Planned Features for Release