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Aegis's Test Map for Kheldrun

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This is a map I'm making to test out Kheldrun, my Psionic Hydralisk (whom you can read about in my SC1 Campaign), the New Agent of the Swarm, birthed by the Overmind one day before Tassadar destroyed the Overmind.

Anyway, let's get to Kheldrun, shall we?

SC1 did not allow me to give Kheldrun Psionic powers, so he was just a modified Hunter Killer with 300 HP, 40 (+2) damage, 2 (+1) armor, and all the upgrades of the Hydralisk already researched.

SC2 changes this, especially with the Galaxy Editor. The creation of Kheldrun was daunting to say the least, and there's more to make for him. Right now, he's a 'classic' Hero, one that doesn't use levels. I do this because I do not know if the campaign of Wings of Liberty will have Raynor and Zeratul leveling up. So, I'm sticking with classic: Lots of HP, strong armor, Strong attack.


  • HP: 300
  • HP regen rate: 0.5 (faster than most Zerg units, slower than burrowed Roaches)
  • Energy (EP): 200
  • EP regen rate: Same as a High Templar's.
  • EP regen rate while on creep: 4x a High Templar's.
  • Armor: 2 (+1)
  • Damage: 40 (+2)

Here's a list of his completed aspects:
[X] Custom Description when you mouse over his health image
[X] Special Actor
[X] Special, separate unit
[X] Burrowed version of that unit
[X] Special version of Burrow for Kheldrun which does not require research in order to use
[X] Special model (a glowing Hydralisk model with flashing eyes. All a light-blue color)
[X] Custom wireframe
[X] Custom hero icon
[X] Custom unit icon (for Revive Button)
[X] Armor upgrades added to the upgrade list.
[X] Armor upgrade icons upgrading with Evo Chamber
[X] Custom Weapon ("Psionic Spines")
[X] Upgrades and icon effects for spines
[X] Custom icons for spines
[X] Custom melee attack
[X] Custom melee sounds (planning on using the Zealot's Psi Blade sound)
[X] Custom Passive: Psionic Mind Link - Gives Kheldrun 4x energy regen when burrowed
[X] Spell 1 - Psionic Storm - special version that does not require research
[X] Spell 2 - Dark Swarm
[X] Spell 3 - Plague
[X] Custom spell animations
[X] The ability to be resurrected from a Hatchery/Lair/Hive when dead.

Aspects of Kheldrun to be Finished:
[] Special model for spines (projectile, and impact)
[] Special sound effects for spines
[] Voice sounds (this time, I can give him a custom voice)

-Version 1-

  • Map is created without Kheldrun

-Version 2-

  • Kheldrun is created
  • Kheldrun receives his first working spell: Psionic Storm!
  • Kheldrun (burrowed) is properly created without messing up the Hydralisks
  • Kheldrun can now burrow without research

-Version 3-

  • Animations for Psionic Storm added

-Version 4-

  • Starting Locations added (?)
  • Marines and Marauders for you to kill!

-Version 5-

  • Armor upgrades working
  • Psionic Spines - have sounds
  • Melee sounds swapped out for the Zealot sounds, but you can still hear the normal Hydra's, too - Thanks to MasterDinadan!
  • Upgrades to work with both Psi spines and melee attacks
  • Added Protoss units to kill!

-Version 6-

  • Added ability to res Kheldrun from Hatchery/Lair/Hive when dead - Thanks to deadpica!
  • Damage raised to 40 to match the first campaign's.
  • Psionic Mind Link Ability (Passive) added.
  • Bug fixed with Kheldrun's burrow - he now makes a hole when burrowed. - Thanks to ShadowThanatos for pointing out the bug!

-Version 7-

  • Dark Swarm is created. - Thanks to Demonette and Docablo!

-Version 8-

  • Plague has been created - Thanks to Demonette!
  • Kheldrun is now marked as a Hero.
  • Bug with Kheldrun's normal energy regen rate fixed.
  • Cleaned up excess models and actors.
  • Added range circles (spats) for spells.

-Version 9-

  • Got Start Location to work.
  • Psionic Mind Link reworked so Kheldrun regenerates energy faster on the creep.
  • Custom weapon icons with help from Demonette!
  • Dark Swarm now looks a little more like Dark Swarm, color-wise.
  • Psionic Storm now has separate actors, behaviors, effects, and sounds from the High Templar ones. You won't notice the difference, though.

-Version 9.5-

  • Weapons Fixed.
  • Upgrades Fixed (mostly).
  • Dark Swarm fixed.

What's Coming:
-Version 10-

  • Final touches: separate actors for his Hydralisk Missiles and anything else Hydralisk-related to avoid dependency issues.
  • Final touches: a voice, maybe?
  • An actual mission to play. Kill the Tal'darim and Dominion Forces encroaching on Kheldrun's Hive Cluster!
  • Will be compatible with Legacy of Void.
  • Mod will be created (for my personal use, sorry, however, the Test Map will still be available to the public).

Possible Additions:

  • "Self Transfusion" -> Kheldrun uses his powers to heal himself. Cannot heal other units.
  • Lurker form. You'll be able to swap back to Hydralisk form. This one is highly unlikely due to required models for this form.
  • Possible HP buff.

You may have noticed some changes to this Page

  • I reformatted the Changelog (previously called 'Version History.')
  • I added "What's Coming."
  • I added "Possible Additions."
  • Organized list of things done and to do into only two lists. Checkboxes removed from Stats.
  • Added new screenshots of Version 10.
  • Removed some links asking for portrait and modeling help. Thanks to all who contributed!

NOTICE: All versions prior to 9.5 are obsolete due to the new editor! And version 9.5 is best used with Wings of Liberty, bu it'll still work with Heart of the Swarm! (Not sure about Legacy of the Void, though.)