[Data-Spell] Dark Swarm

1,805 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 10, 2010

This Asset has Dark Swarm in it, alone. No dummy units used, and it functions perfectly. You're free to use this spell on any unit as long as I (and Docablo and Demonette, and Kueken531, all of whom helped me make it) receive credit in your map. Enjoy! :)

Dark Swarm, if you've never played StarCraft I before, creates an AoE Swarm of Darkness that protects all units within the AoE field from ranged damage. Splash damage, spell damage, and melee damage still apply, however. It is a Zerg spell, and was on the Zerg Defiler.

EDIT: Please note that I'm going to turn this into a mod soon.

NOTICE: This map currently uses Wings of Liberty dependencies. When I manage to get my hands on a copy of Legacy of the Void, it'll be made into a MOD.

Video of Dark Swarm here


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