Dialog Item Templates

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You can now change the UI using SC2Layout files


Use the "Create Dialog Item From Listed Template" Action to create a dialog item without having to look up the correct syntax for the Dialog Item Template.
Now also contains the "Create Dialog Item From Listed Template with Details" action.
This does the same as the first one but will position and size the template using the details given.

Supported templates are amongst others:

  • Command Card
  • Minimap
  • Resource

Known Issues:

  • Minimap will ONLY display the complete minimap as far as you've seen it.
  • pings will not be shown on the minimap
  • Hide game UI will disable the hotkeys, even though you've created a Command Card using the Dialog Item.
  • Command Card tooltips appear at the old location. their position is not updated.
  • there might be some problems with the other templates as well.


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