Dialog based Inventory

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This project hasn't been updated in a long while.
Check this location for a more up to date version of an inventory system which you can use in your maps: Dialog Based Asset System

This is a Dialog Based Inventory.
It makes use of the default sc2 inventory for equiping items, and using items.

The difference with the default SC2 inventory:

  • Allow precise positioning of equipment slots compared to a background image
  • Allows different item size (1x1, 1x2, 5x5), these aren't limited to just those mentioned here. (Max size: 9x9, Min size: 1x1)

The way information is retrieved:

  • It reads the items Button (Face) for the icon to use in the inventory.
  • It reads the items Button Tooltip for the tooltip to use in the inventory.
  • It reads the items size from the item class it has (1x1, 1x2, 5x5). for example: 1x1Misc = a 1 by 1 slot item. 2x3Armor = a 2 by 3 slot item.


  • The unit that uses the inventory must have a SC2 inventory to be able to use items, equipment bonusses.
  • The unit must have restricted slots for equipment that match the restriction of the equipment panel.

This Asset has not yet been tested outside of my own map in which I created it

Fixed Problems

  • You can now drop items from the inventory at this time. (Fixed in v1.1)
  • You cannot see which item you're moving about in the inventory. (Fixed in v1.2)

Change log v1.3 Added:

  • Dialog retrieval functionality
  • Detection when an unit picks up an item
  • Fixed the Dragged Item Title Location.
  • Semi-fixed the Tooltip not disappearing
  • Might be some undocumented changes.

Planned Features

  • Setting Level Requirements to Items

Forum thread about this library: library-dialog-based-inventory


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