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27,749 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 30, 2014 Game Version: 5.0.9


Important Update Information

Please remove any old Version of ZZInfoBar and the Standard Plugins before manually updating to v 3.0.0 or higher. Curse Client will handle updates automatically for you.
After a correct update you will be able to see version numbers below the plugin names in the plugin menu.

ZZInfoBar displays a bar that is able to show in several buttons nearly all available text based information on your screen. A special feature of ZZInfoBar is the plugin system, which dynamically creates only your selected buttons to display only the information you really want to see and removes all deactivated ones to save performance. Because of that ZZInfoBar itself is only a core addon that does the management but not provides any information by itself. All functionality is seperately displayed by user installed plugins like the ZZInfoBar Standard Plugins Pack that gets shipped with the ZZInfoBar download.

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  • Quick access menu for frequently needed windows
  • Expandable, dropdown based user interface
  • Customize ZZInfoBar with Skins (It's easy to create your own ones; File format independant)
  • Move the rest of the UI to get other stuff out of ZZInfoBars way
  • Dynamic plugin loading with own events
  • Dynamic button creation / destruction without preloaded and hidden xml frames
  • Unlimited amount of active buttons
  • Documented API to create your own plugins


With a left click on the menu ("gear") button on the left side of ZZInfoBar the quick access dropdown opens. The first Buttons says "ZZInfoBar - Configuration". A click on that switches to the configuration dropdown, which let's you configure ZZInfoBars general look and feel:

  • Skin
  • Bar Position
  • Bar Visibility (Alpha)
  • Bar Width (Fix and unlock grip to change the bar's width)
  • Full-Width Mode
  • UI Shifting (Get other UI elements out of your way)
  • Max Button Width
  • Button Fontsize


As ZZInfoBar itself is only the core that implements functionality for buttons with optional tooltips and dropdowns it does not know what it might need to display at some later time. Because of that every new button that has not been given a position yet, will be displayed in a list above, or below the bar depending on the bars alignment on the screen. While holding shift + right mouse button you can move every button around the InfoBar. Dragging an button onto another one will align them. Don't worry, just try around with that to find out what button layout feels best to you.

A right click on the menu ("gear") button on the left side of ZZInfoBar displays the plugins dropdown. Every plugin for ZZIB that is installed and has sucessfully registered itself will be displayed here. Click yourself through the several configuration menus to make ZZInfoBar fit to you the best. These are some plugins for ZZInfoBar:

  • ZZInfoBar Standard Plugins Pack
    Gets shipped with the ZZInfoBar download
    • ZZBagInfo
      Information about your backpack, money and ammunition.
    • ZZExpInfo
      Nearly everything about your characters classes, exp and talent points and your current (daily-) quests.
    • ZZSocialContacts
      Keep connected to your friends and your guild. See who is online, with quick whiper and invite them to your group.
    • ZZMyPet
      See how your pets are currently doing.
    • ZZTimeNDate
      The current time and date, as well as the duration of your current game session.
    • ZZPerformance
      Get a quick overview of your current game performance (FPS and ping).
    • ZZNewMail
      Get notified whenever new mail arrives.
    • ZZTitles
      Change your characters title more easily. Inspired by Jaamosan's TitleSelect.
    • ZZCharInfo
      Keep informed about your characters status with equipment durability, stats and current/average dps.
  • Raid SM | Curse - CurseForge
    Allows you to move raid member in the normal raidframe. Easy toggling and position saving / restoring with ZZIB
  • LootIt! | Curse - CurseForge
    LootIt is a split off project from Lootomatic v1.1 to create a stand-alone, improved auto looting addon. It's InfoBar plugin displays the current roll mode and allows quick access to LootIt's configuration
  • AncillaryTitleSelect | Curse - CurseForge
    With ATS you can save different combinations of titles for different occasions (instance, siege war, farming, crafting ...)
  • Where's My Home? | Curse - CurseForge
    Where's My Home is an addon that saves the location you register your recall point at and shows it to you where you need it the most.
  • ChannelWatch for ZZInfoBar (in development)
    Allows you to quickly check how many members a private chat channel currently has.

You want to create your own plugins? Plugins for ZZInfoBar are fast and easy to write. Head over to the Example Plugin download and get into it now. If you have your own plugin, let me know and i might link it here.

Note on .os-Fix

The ZZInfoBar core does not need any .os-Fix addon and the ZZTimeNDate Plugin in the Standard Plugins Pack has it's own fix (MorphClock library) implemented. You can also use your manually installed .os-Fix (ex: MorphClock Standalone, d303Fix, Fix-for-Patch303)


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