Where's My Home?

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Jul 15, 2013

Owner: Noguai

Do you always forget where you registered your recall point? Do you hate using the recall skill and get teleported miles away from where you thought you would teleport to? Where's My Home is an addon that saves the location you register your recall point at and shows it to you where you need it the most.

When you install your addon the recall point will be shown as "<Unknown Target>" as shown in the screenshot. You need to register your recall point somewhere with the addon installed to have it shown correctly.

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  • Additional line in the tooltip of "Recall" showing your recall point
    • On the action bars
    • In the skill book
  • ZZInfoBar button showing the location of your recall point with shortcuts for transport book and recall skill
  • Integration into ZZInfoBar V3
  • Integration into AddonManager


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