XBar III TimeFix

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You should have installed the addon osfix.


This addon fixes the time display, so that you can see the time and date on XBar.

Its not necessary to install the original addon, the addons overwrite itself (user settings will stay preserved).


This addon contain the full XBAR III addon plus the fix.

I do not claim any rights.

  • Code: nigroangelus, Mavoc, Xylch, interjay, http://lua-users.org.
  • Teaching: McBen, Valacar.
  • Amazing Bonus Idea: bussdee.
  • Tribal bar skin: yess.
  • Translator: baguneko, Sarge31FR, SacraJP, bussdee, Gonzo1968, Tschuss, adamich, zeramise, momo1212, rfv1122.
  • Suggest and Report: Cbfks, Elucia, Fearless2o7, Irastrano, skitey, SnarlGard, ...,


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