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AutoFollow (+AutoQuest)

With this addon you dont need to switch between your accounts anymore for entering an instance or completing daily quests (for example). So its perfect for doing daily quests or leveling in instances with multiple accounts.



  • automatically follows a party member every 3 seconds
  • automatically accept/deliver quests to the last talked npc if AutoQuest is active (DailyNotes supported but not necessary)
  • a player can type #af or #af [playername] in say,party,zone or raid chat to pause AutoFollow for players following him
  • you can set a pausing time after entering the current zone/instance (good for afk leveling in instances)

All functions are avaible via a MinimapButton and player icons.



  • /af [Party-/Raid Number] 
  • /af [PlayerName]
  • /af aq start
  • /af aq stop
  • /af aq
  • /af ini [Seconds to pause]
  • /af -ini
  • /af msg
  • /af save
  • /af daily
  • /af button hide
  • /af button show


Since i stopped playing i wont be able to find bugs by myself. If you notice a bug you can send me a message or write a comment and i may fix the bug soon.


In Chronicles of Arcadia some addons like this addon are disabled / banned. To bypass this you can rename the addon name everywhere in the files with strg+H in a text editor.