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XBAR III ... i am still alive ;)

Do you like to see a new version of XBAR III ?
You can now DONATE BY PAYPAL to support this project. If anybody is still interested in this, i will create a new version in my summer holidays for you.


You NEED to install d303Fix, MorphClock or Fix-for-Patch303 if you didn't delete clock.
QuestWiz will cause XBar, WoWmap, yGather... broken if you didn't install patch.
Please delete the bonus which you don't need!



  • Add a bar with many useful information.
  • Customize Button.
    • Each button with a Tooltip for informations.
    • Each button have function when you Right or Left Click.
    • A setting for show any informations which you want.
    • A setting for hide or show any buttons you want.
    • You can delete the button file which you don't need.
    • You can add any third-party buttons.
  • Addon Management.
    • Integrates addons' GUI in one window.
    • Integrates addons' setting or function access in popup menu.
  • A small equipment frame.
    • Show durability and colored it.
    • You can use it to change and fix equipment.
  • Hide frame of MainMenu, Experience and EquipDamage.
  • A button to mute sound.
  • A button to set your display to low quality.
  • I use the best code for XBar to enhance your system speed.
    • The FPS is same or less than other info bar.
    • The size is very small if you didn't count in image and language file.


New Features:

  • You can see more details by Right-Click on "XBar Main" button.
  • You can use following command in macro:
    /run XBar.heal() - Target and heal people whose hp is lowest.
    /run XBar.rogue() - Rogue skill-rotation, checks debuffs, cooldowns & energy then use corresponding skill.
    /run XBar.party() - Target party member 15 sequentially.
    /run XBar.switch() - Switch weapons.
    /run XBar.strip() - Unequipt all items to 2nd bag or equipt all items.
    /run XBar.pet1() - call/recall your pet in slot 1.
    /run XBar.pet2() - call/recall your pet in slot 2.
    /run XBar.pet3() - call/recall your pet in slot 3.
    /run XBar.preview() - Target preview.
  • Additional addons in XBar III (All of them are small) :
    ItemPreviewResizer, NewCasting, PetCraftReminder, RiadSave, SimpleDamageLog, vcThreatMeter, WebLinks, XMinimap.


Slash Command

  • /xb or /xbar - Show help messages and GUI.
  • /xb on - Switch XBarFrame.
  • /xb main - Switch MainMenuFrame in game.
  • /xb exp - Switch ExperienceFrame in game.



  • The addon is based on XBar.
  • Only the following codes and above additional addons isn't write by me.
    • Sold items in Auction House feature is wrote by Mavoc.
    • XP Button is fixed by Yamabuki.
    • Xylch - ChatScroll.
    • joselucas - WebLinks, SimpleDamageLog.
    • vEEcEE - ItemPreviewResizer, vcThreatMeter.



  • Code: nigroangelus, Mavoc, Xylch, interjay, http://lua-users.org.
  • Teaching: McBen, Valacar.
  • Amazing Bonus Idea: bussdee.
  • Tribal bar skin: yess.
  • Translator: baguneko, Sarge31FR, SacraJP, bussdee, Gonzo1968, Tschuss, adamich, zeramise, momo1212, rfv1122.
  • Suggest and Report: Cbfks, Elucia, Fearless2o7, Irastrano, skitey, SnarlGard, ..., sorry, I forgot some people's name.


Do you have problem?


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