Last Updated: Nov 5, 2013 Game Version: 5.0.9


May 1, 2013

Owner: Noguai

This addon is a little helper to remind you of whatever you want. Don't forget important stuff anymore!
This is a console based addon. There is no configuration gui. Type '/reminders help' into the chat to see all available commands.

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MorphClock .os-Fix:

Reminders uses the MorphClock library to get the time from the item shop. This may fail without availablity of it due to maintenance, etc. In such cases Reminders is not able to help you. Whenever you notice that the time MorphClock was able to read from the item shop does not match the time / time zone you are living in, you may fix that with '/morphclock x' where 'x' is the positive or negative amount of minutes you want to change the time. (e.g. /morphclock 60)