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Download awsmDropdown (Required for 1.3+) from CurseForge
If you use CenedrilHelper than update it to atleast version 1.2.4


Show your character values like "mainhand-damage" on screen.


Press ESCAPE -> Interface -> Addons -> OnScreenValue
or use AddonManager
or type /osv in chat

Common Settings


Profile will now be global unlike in former versions.

Profile Settings

Extra Values

With version 2.1 you will be able to add your own custom values which can be shown with OSV.

Click on the first dropdownmenu to edit or create you custom values.
Event to trigger: http://runesofmagic.gamepedia.com/List_of_Events
Delay between events: to improve performance you can add a delay

Function to return extra value:
a function in lua looks similar to


You only need to add the body of the function!
Your function must return a string or number.
Additionally you cann return a table with color numbers
For example:

return "OSV all day"


return "OSV all day",{R=1,G=0;B=0}

You are able to use arg1...arg9 (provided by the eventtype) within your function.

Chose profile as current profile

Press the set profile button in the configuration screen
or type /osv X in chat whereas X is the profilenumber
or hold ctrl and leftclick the OSV frame to switch through profiles

Move and split OSV frame

Move: hold shift and move the frame with leftclick
NEW: Each row CAN be moved separably
Hold ctrl+shift and rightclick a row reset it back to its parent row

Where are settings saved?

global Savevariable: profiles, extra functions and common settings
local SaveVariables: activ profile and frameposition


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