Instance Map Fix

58,676 Downloads Game Version: 3.0.2

Fixes the display of instance maps in the World Map viewer.

This is a very simple alternative to WoWmap for people who don't need the extra features and just want the instance maps to be shown properly.


  • If you're missing any maps, you should try installing Instance Map Fix v0.5+ along with WoWMap Instances. The WoWMap Instances addon isn't totally necessary, but in some cases it may help.
  • You may have missing maps if you've installed the Runes of Magic Slim Client, or if you haven't downloaded a full version of Runes of Magic since version 3.0.1 (updating through the RoM Launcher doesn't help). See previous note on how to fix it.
  • It's been mentioned that you can install Instance Map Fix and WoWmap together, but I have not tested it and I don't support such installations. I recommend that you only install one or the other.


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