RefineHelper (AutoRefine)

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  • Refining manager where you can place the equipment you want to refine
  • Calculates expected refining costs
  • Uses automatically the best refining stone in the bagpack
  • Rebuys refining stones for gold if the right shop is opened
  • For AFK Refining a tool is necessary (because skills/items cant be triggered by script)



  • AutoMode (AFK): In AutoMode you can press the key for "Target next enemy" (standard: TAB) to start AutoRefine one time. If you want to AFK refine you have to use an AutoClicker or AutoPresser tool. "xmousebuttoncontrol" is working for RoM. You can type in the key ({TAB}) for a Mouse Button (f.e. middle) by choosing "Simulated Keys" and the Option "sticky".
  • you can change the dia (/rubi) price
  • you can write prices and costs with "," or "." or "k" for example "100,000" or "100.000" or "100k"
  • Total Gold = Gold Costs + Dia/Rubi Costs * Dia/Rubi Price
  • [S6] = Item Shop Dia Stones (Gems/Jewels) for +0 to +6. Same for [S12],[S16],[S20],[S30]
  • [PS6] = Item Shop Rubi Stones (Gems/Jewels) for +0 to +6. Same for [PS12]



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