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Apr 14, 2019

Owner: Achandos


  • Refining manager where you can place the equipment you want to refine
  • Calculates expected refining costs
  • Uses automatically the best refining stone in the bagpack
  • Rebuys refining stones for gold if the right shop is opened
  • For AFK Refining a tool is necessary (because skills/items cant be triggered by script)



  • AutoMode (AFK): In AutoMode you can press the key for "Target next enemy" (standard: TAB) to start AutoRefine one time. If you want to AFK refine you have to use an AutoClicker or AutoPresser tool. This tool (download) is working for RoM. You can type in the key ({TAB}) for a Mouse Button (f.e. middle) and choose the Option "sticky" and type in the repeat delay.
  • (if you bought dia stones for phirius coins then) you can change the dia (/rubi) price
  • you can write prices and costs with "," or "." or "k" for example "100,000" or "100.000" or "100k"
  • Total Gold = Gold Costs + Dia/Rubi Costs * Dia/Rubi Price
  • [S6] = Item Shop Dia Stones (Gems/Jewels) for +0 to +6. Same for [S12],[S16],[S20],[S30]
  • [PS6] = Item Shop Rubi Stones (Gems/Jewels) for +0 to +6. Same for [PS12]



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