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NOTICE: Smarter Watch 2.0 has an extra prerequisite that 1.0 did not need, please see below in the Requirements section.

Gain the in-store benefits of the Smart Watch without having to manually equip it on the battlefield!

NEW: Smarter Watch has been completely rewritten with version 2.0, Smarterer Watch! The 10% discount benefits will now be applied from the moment you buy the watch, including in the store you just bought it! No need to ever equip it under any circumstance, buy it and forget it!

The rewritten mod also comes with an optional enhancement to apply the benefits of the Music Player when entering stores as well. Now you can enjoy the health benefits of eating in without taking off your Wrestling Singlet; just don't eat the plate!


Smarter Watch 2.0 (Smarterer Watch) and above requires MelonLoader and RCG2 Essentials 1.1 or higher

Before downloading, see the RCG2 Essentials page for installation instructions for both of these requirements.


Download and extract to your River City Girls 2 installation directory. *.dll files go in the Mods folder (unless specified otherwise) and *.cfg files go in the UserData folder.


Just buy the Smart Watch and the in-store benefits will immediately apply, no need to equip or unequip. Press F5 to bring up MelonPreferencesManager, included with RCG2 Essentials. This mod includes a setting that allows you to benefit from the Music Player in the same manner.


Smarter Watch and Smarterer Watch were created by Devi Sharp. Special thanks to MuKen.