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Adds a combat command that allows your character to perform a taunt. You are vulnerable during this, so be careful! Mostly something to do for flare but it is compatible with the Accessory Setter and Palette Swapping built into RCG2 Essentials.



Install the latest version of RCG2 Essentials.

Extract this mod to your installation directory of RCG2. Taunt.dll Should end up in the Mods folder.



While blocking, press quick attack to initiate your character's taunt.

Optionally, you can have this action also cycle your character's palette or accessory set. See RCG2 Essentials for more information on these features.

Options can be found in the MelonPreferencesManager by pressing F5 (by default).



Original Taunt mod created by MuKeN.

Palette and Accessory features added by Devi Sharp.