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General Information

With TextureViewer you can record and view the UI textures used by the RIFT client.

Note that this addon is targetted at Addon developers and should be deactivated if not used as it may decrease the game's performance while loaded.

Once activated the addon starts the game's builtin texture recording mechanism and stores it on UI reloads/logouts. The textures can then be viewed after the UI reload in the TextureViewer window (opened with the command /tv) The addon filters out textures which can be downloaded from Trion's FTP site at ftp://ftp.trionworlds.com/rift/assets/.

Textures are displayed on top of a checkerboard background as known from popular image editing software. Using the Background checkbox you can toggle a black background for the texture so you can see it's full extent and mask out transaprent regions. You can zoom the texture using the mouse wheel and pan it around with the left mouse button if it exceeds the available frame size.

The addon will come shipped with some prelisted texture files in the near future and more will be added as more and more textures are discovered and categorized.


Texture files with the pattern AAFDialog_I10.dds are randomly generated on each RIFT build and are thus not consistent. You are discouraged to use them unless you have no problem with checking their validity after each RIFT patch. The checkbox Randomized Names controls whether these are displayed in the list or not (requires a UI reload).


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