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The complete solve state is now saved, not just the cell values.
Label on the SOLVE/UNSOLVE button should stay correct.
Fixed utils.openpackage so it does not try to copy special variables like _NAME.
Fixed argument to the call to openpackage() in sudoku.lua.
Changing the global ui scale will no longer cause grid lines to disappear.

Saved variables are now checked by the Event.Addon.SavedVariables.Load.End event
Text based cells have been added so that grid commands can work when the gui is
not loaded. All functionality is now available through the chat interface.
The following commands were added: scale, autoprint, value, print.
Added the ability to have more than one command per line.
In-game help is now more detailed and broken into several topics.
The 'nuke' command is no longer needed and has been removed.
Errors resulting from mistyped commands no longer produce an error window.

Code Futzing:
Moved code creating UI colors to its own file.
Changed colors to an HSL based system.
Some code has been moved from main.lua to UI.lua. Also, the UI loading is now
more flexible.
Size calculations for the gui are now based on cell height in the grid, rather
than the overall window height.


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