Smooth Tokker

722 Downloads Last Updated: May 22, 2017 Game Version: 4.0

A sudoku solver for use in Tok's Proving Grounds.


Graphical interface:

  • Left clicking a grid cell highlights the cell as active and enters keyboard input mode.
  • In input mode, type a digit 1-9 to set the active cell value. Space bar or 0 clears the cell.
  • To change the active cell, left click another cell or use the arrow keys or AWSD.
  • To exit input mode, press the Return (or Enter) key.
  • Right clicking a cell clears it.
  • When the cursor is over a grid cell, the scroll wheel can be used to change the cell's value.
  • Right clicking or using the scroll wheel will end input mode, if it is active.
  • The SOLVE button searches for a solution that fits the current grid values.
  • While a solution is displayed, the UNSOLVE button will revert the grid to its prior state.
  • The RESET button clears the entire grid.
  • The grid state is persistent between logins.

Text interface:

  • All addon functionality is available via chat commands. Commands are listed below.
  • Most commands have one letter abbreviations.
  • For the value command, the digit may be 0 or omitted to clear the cell.
  • For the assignment commands (row, column, region), an empty cell is represented by 0 in the digit string, and trailing 0s are not necessary. For example, the following command would set the middle 3 cells of the fourth row: /tokker row 4 000257
  • Successive commands which directly affect the grid may be combined onto a single line. Commands are separated by commas. The following commands may be combined: row, column, region, value, solve, unsolve, print, reset.
  • Example: suppose you notice that one of the clues you used to solve a grid is in the wrong cell, all the steps to fix the problem could be combined into one line:
    /tokker u, v 2 3, v 2 4 9, s, p

Command list (abbreviation letters are underlined):

/tokker - toggles the Smooth Tokker window open or closed

/tokker row  [n] [digits] - fills in row [n] using the string of [digits]

/tokker column  [n] [digits] - fills in column [n] using the string of [digits]

/tokker region [n] [digits] - fills in 3x3 region [n] using the string of [digits]

/tokker value [r] [c] [digit] - sets the grid cell with row [r] and column [c] to [digit]

/tokker solve - finds a solution that fits the current grid values

/tokker unsolve - reverts a solved grid to its prior state

/tokker print - prints the grid state to the chat window

/tokker reset - clears the grid

/tokker scale [x] - sets the scale factor for the Smooth Tokker window to [x]

/tokker autoprint - toggles autoprint: when activated, prints the grid state to chat after each command

/tokker help - prints graphical interface usage and further help topics to chat

/tokker help config - prints details on the configuration commands

/tokker help text - prints details on the text interface

/tokker help commands - prints the complete list of chat commands



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