8,500 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 19, 2013 Game Version: 2.4

New Forums at http:rift.curseforge.com/addons/rifthud/forum/ Comments will be turned off at Curse and Curseforge so direct comments to the forums pls.

New!! No more limited amount of arc colors! Arcs are now drawn with code and not included graphics. You may want to delete the addon folder before installing 3.0 if you are concerned with harddrive space.

RiftHud is a unitframes replacement. It includes player, target, focus, pet and target of target. It also shows debuffs on yourself and on your target.

To change the position of the hud, middle-click the Level icon or type /rhud and drag the window from the anchor symbol.

To config this addon, either click on the level icon or you can type /rhud config.

To reset back to default settings, just type /rhud reset.

There are tons of toggles and settings. You can change in and out of combat transparency. You can also change which colors the bars are. I have included 3 different sets of bars. Now there is an additional set. This is Orbs and Rings. Orbs can be manipulated but the rings will resize and move when you change the orb.

You can move any arc, orb and any element around the screen. You can resize the arcs, orbs and icons. You can change the font on all the texts.