39,808 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 28, 2013 Game Version: 2.4

An overlay for all your action bars that places numerical cooldowns over your icons. (Like OmniCC in Wow)

When first installing, the configuration screen should be open for you. You WILL NEED to setup the main bar overlay. All the rest of the bars should be automatically set. Just align the overlay directly over your icons part of the bar. Accept and now you are ready to setup spells.

Select your bar and drag the ability over to the text slot slot that matches what you have setup on your actionbar. This will now show a cooldown number over that icon on your bar the next time that ability is used.

If you want to set up a list of abilities to track in a slot you have a macro on, then click Macro and then edit it. Drag abilities over in same order you have setup in your macro. This will not track abilities that are control my key-modifers, nor does it discern wether you are standing still or in movement or in range of target. You can however see the results in 2 different ways. You can set it to show the next available ability or you can show the lowest ability that is on cooldown.

Numerical font colors can be adjusted as well in the settings tab.

To open config, type /rabc config or right-click the mini-icon on your screen. To reset do default addon values, type /rabc reset If you have Docker installed, the mini-icon will be placed there.


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