Resource Radar

22,483 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 1, 2014 Game Version: 3.0

Uses minimap data to display nearby resource nodes around the middle of the screen.

Uses the icons of the resources so you have a better chance of telling what they are.

/redartoggles display
/redar helpdisplays help
/redar crosshairtoggles crosshair display
/redar northtoggles north display
/redar rotatetoggles display rotation
/redar iconsizedisplays the current icon size
/redar iconsize Nsets the current iconsize to N (10-100)
/redar iconsize defaultsets the current iconsize to 20
/redar positiondisplays current offset from centre of screen
/redar position x ysets the current offset from centre to x,y
/redar position dragtoggles the drag frame for positioning (left click drag bar to move)
/redar position defaultsets the current offset to 0,0
/redar distancetoggles the display of distance to node
/redar alphadisplays the current alpha value
/redar alpha xsets alpha of all ui elements to x
/redar hideincombattoggles hiding in combat


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