Carnage Book

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2017 Game Version: 3.4


Nov 23, 2012

Owner: _ForgeUser10023320

Basic addon that checks completed quests against a dump of the discovery quest database, looking for missing Carnage quests.

Sadly, there's no easy way to work out in which Carnage quest you're missing when you're staring at a 28/29 completion total. This addon attempts to fill that gap by listing out which carnage quests haven't been completed, or picked up, in a particular zone. Additionally, the objective text is printed out for each missing Carnage quest.


/carnage                        Open up the Carnage Book UI.

Use the drop down top left to select a zone.
Select any quest listed down the left to show further information on the right.
Filter the quests with the checkboxes top right.


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