3,010 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 9, 2016 Game Version: 3.4

nkRadial is an action bar addon which aims at cleaning up your user interface of all items and abilities you rarely use.

nkRadial was built to give you a fast access to abilities and / or items you don't need often and which would just unecessary fill your user interface.

You can of course configure which items / abilities you want to manage with the addon. These are split into categories to make a large number of slots more managable.

Basically you'll simply see a yellow circle on your screen. Click on it and a buttons will be shown for each configured category. Click on a category button and the configured abilities and / or items will be shown as another set of buttons.

There's a tutorial which comes with the addon and will be shown on first startup. This will hopefully explain how to configure the addon.

Configuration can be opened either through the 'nk' button shown near your minimap or using the /nkRad command.

Due to API restrictions there are some limitations:

- You cannot open / close anything while in combat
- Keybindings are not possible


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