13,610 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 26, 2016 Game Version: 3.4

nkPanels adds an information bar on the top of the screen to display information on. It is also a framework with plugin support so that addons can use it to display information or give access to certain aspects of the addon.

Once installed the bar will be shown on your ui. To the left most you'll see an 'nk' icon. By left clicking that icon you can access the configuration dialog which allows you to modify a couple of things.

You can re-order the plugins by simply draging & dropping them (unless you choose to lock the bar in the configuration obviously).

Default plugins

The following plugins are provided by default:

  • free bag space counter
  • clock
  • coordinates
  • attunement tracker
  • experience tracker
  • experiencer per hour tracker
  • location
  • platinium (coin)
  • fps
  • shard
  • cpu usage
  • player level
  • reloadui
  • social info
  • stats

Additional plugins

There some plugins available as separate addons:

  • nkPanel Patron plugin
  • nkPanel Soul Vitality plugin

Also most of my addons provide nkPanel plugins:

  • nkAdvisor
  • nkCartographer
  • nkCurrency
  • nkQuestTracker
  • nkRebuff
  • nkReputation
  • nkShopCalc
  • nkWardrobe
  • nkZoo


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