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The addon aims at replacing the standard action bars completely. There's one big limitation and that's key bindings. These are simply not allowed by the API. However there's a nice workaround for this. More on this later.

After first loading the addon it will build a default action bar and show it on the screen. Simply drag & drop abilities or item from your ability window or bag onto the bar.

You can clear a button by right clicking on it. At the moment you have to first clear a slot to overwrite it with a new ability.

In default mode the addon will simply show cooldowns and will indicate if the target of an ability is out of range or if the ability / item is not usable.

You can switch on interactive mode in the configuration. This will make every button of the bar clickable. However this also means that the bar will not be hideable in combat (Rift API restriction).

Interactive bars can also include macros. To put a macro on a button simply middle click on it. A macro edit window will appear where you can enter your macro. Simply drag & drop an item / or ability on the icon box to change the icon.

Key bindings

The API does not support key bindings. So what you do is very simple:

Put together your action bars like you'd normally do and setup your keybindings. Then replicate these bars with nkHelios. When you're done simply hide the standard action bars through the Rift layout. The key bindings will still work :D :D :D


Configuration is accessed either through the 'nk Button' or by entering /nkh or /nkHelios in the chast.

Within the configuration you can change various aspects of a bar (size, cols, rows), make it interactive and change the layer. This is important if you want to use the triggers with a bar which is interactive.

The triggers allow you to specify certain actions. For example stance will change to another bar if a rogue enters stealth. Currently stance only works for rogues as I only have a rogue char. Will need to check for other classes stances.

There are buttons to create, deleted and copy bars.

Finally there are other options like design, colors, etc. in the second tab. There you can also copy a whole bar setup from another role.

bar setup is always tied to the current role and will be switched automatically when switching roles!


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