Wither Arena Sky Island Survival

226 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.13-Snapshot

Look At The Version Of Minecraft Before Downloading



This Minecraft Map Contains a Wither Arena (That Looks Like What's in the image section), and the  1.13 version is a tad bit different than the 1.12.2 not because they're different versions(except the datapacks) 

And the data pack that's within this world is my own datapack That I made, so You can't use it for other maps that you post, unless you include me for making the datapack.

This world no matter the version is entirely in survival, but don't worry about dying, you keep your items, but cheats aren't enabled(to bad for the cheaters).

It takes place in a giant bedrock, and red-stone block skull, that there's a certain part inside that if you flip the lever it will summon the wither, and can be used any amount of times, except the lever will no longer exist, so you'll need to make a button to use it again.

Things will Slowly be add to this minecraft world, thus every time it updates, there will be something new.

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