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This Mod was created with Mcreator, and you can use it in a modpack so long as you don't make money off it, and show a link to mcreator.

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About this mod:

This Mod includes very few items, and few blocks thus I didn't create a tab for it, this mod includes super ores fro all the regular Minecraft ores, and also include an ore for wood, and the nether ores also are all regular ores, but the one thing you should know is that when i tested it the nether lapis ore gave me an ink sack, even though I have it set to drop lapis, so i'll fix that later after I start this other mod that i'm working on which can make great use of this mod, but this mod won't be required, and it also adds a /dw command witch will summon a wither riding a wither, air tnt witch will set all blocks around to air and 100% will not drop the blocks, and just remove the, and a block that can be crafted that will set the end gate way when placed, and adds two items that can be found in the transportation tab, and one the magic stone will set the world spawn to where you are currently, and has infinite uses, and can be craft with other items to craft The Dimension Stone and when used in the over world it could send you to the end or nether depending on the time of day, and if used in the nether it will send you to the end, and if used in the end it will send you to the nether, and this stone can't be used to return to the overworld, and i'll work on that later, or I'll add a new item, and I will indeed add more items, and a few more blocks as well as more recipes, and other stuff, but the items can be used for both survival and creative, and if you want to make a map using this mod just mention that you had help from it, and include the name of the mod with a link back to this page(or even better the Mcreator link page. Though the one you want is up to you), so just please enjoy this mod and use it freely, just be warned, some of the recipes might combine with some other mods that I don't know of, and if you do find a mod that the recipes have the order as my mod tell me the name of this mod, and i'll see if I can fix it.



Please Enjoy



Original Mod Page: NO LONGER EXIST 


My Video About the mod(it's not that good I just show everything that's in the mod, and I don't say anything in it)



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