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First the image was a random GFX i did with a few renders and stuff, i just quickly threw down because i forgot to make a screenshot.

If you have played Skyblock or stoneblock, you know the gist of it.

I have a few things i feel should be added to vanilla skyblock. Some are hidden.

The the summary of the map is simple.

You are in a glass cube in the middle of a endless ocean. above you, over 200 blocks of water and a layer of bedrock.

Bellow you, 5 blocks of sand/dirt/stone and 1 layer of bedrock.

No sunlight, no air, and no easy breaks.

Monuments do spawn, and i point you in the direction of one... though i dont tell you how far.

Finally a disclaimer/spoiler

You should be able to completely beat minecraft if you are smart about it. I have also made sure that you have access to all resources and mobs, if you choose. So good luck beating the dragon, and have fun with "The water level.


If you would like to do a series on this, you are more then welcome, just message me your first episode/playlist.

If you would like to use this map for any other purpose, like making a modpack ect. Please Message me and we can talk.


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