Universal: Interdimensional Escape - SE Hardcore Skyblock

SE Hardcore Skyblock - World by King Wealthyturtle:

(Made for Minecraft 1.7.10) 


This world can be used in modpacks, however, you must follow the custom license.


Although this world may be used in other modpacks, apart from Universal: Interdimensional Escape, bugs/glitches may occur, as this world was built using Universal: Interdimensional Escape (Version 2.0.0).


This world will contain a void, with only a piece of bedrock, dirt, and a tree, as well as some starting items.


Do note that structures are enabled in this world. For the Hardcore Skyblock World with structures disabled, please check out this project page: Here!


If you encounter any issue or have any questions about the world, please feel free to ask me down at the comment section below!


Version 1+'s Mandatory Mod List (Without these Mods, the World will be Very, Very Messed Up):


(This Mod List Omits Forge & Forge Multipart)