The Room Custom Minecraft Map

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"You wake up, miles underground, with no idea of how you got there. A single sign hangs on the wall, it reads: The Room. Escape."


The Room is a custom underground-themed puzzle/parkour adventure map with a compelling storyline, a high quality environment divided into five separate areas, and a custom music resource pack. The map is of moderate difficulty and should take 2+ hours to complete, perhaps more.
Spawning inside a small room miles underground, you must complete the challenges put before you and find out why you're there, who's behind it, and why.
Instructions on how to download and full credits are included in a ReadMe file.


- A five part environment consisting of caves, mines, sewers, prisons, labs and more!
- Over 30 books containing a detailed and interesting story
- A number of puzzles including Caesar ciphers, a maze, and various combination locks
- A resource pack containing four ambient music tracks from

Map creator:

Morgan Clasper

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Menu music and trailer creator:

Morgan Clasper


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