Kingdom of Elakzarius

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The Kingdom of Elakzarius




The kingdom of Elakzarius is a semi-large collection of fantasy/medieval builds and areas, connected by pathways. I originally started this world a while ago, and I included several standalone builds which I had made previously. Most of the world is complete, with all structures having interiors, although not much loot.

This world is primarily for inspiration and exploration, although could potentially be played as a survival mode, or even expanded upon. The kingdom has several distinct areas, such as the Ical sea to the north, the forest of Blackwood, and the realm of Eladus to the east. Many watch towers look out over the land, and hidden caves are dotted about.



- Two distinct strongholds with completed interiors

- Several different environments including Taiga Forest, Plains, and Extreme Hills

- Several large builds, such as a sky island, warship and a massive forest

- Multiple settlements including a docks, a mining camp, the town of Eladus, and a hidden encampment in the forests of the south.


It's recommended to have at least 1GB or RAM and optifine, otherwise the giant forest lags.


Map created by Morgan Clasper

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