The Omega Arena

4,298 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Not just your standard Challenge Games map!



Epic new map!

Tired of the same old arena? Wooden walls burning away too fast?

Try your luck with OMEGA!

An arena made from Prismarine!

Built-in anti-escape mechanism!

Cool blue lighting!

These are only a few of the features found within the OMEGA Arena, found only within the depths of this world save.


New (cooler) setting to play in!

It's time to cool down and have some heated battles!

Ice Plains Spikes!

Mega Spruce Taiga!

...Obsidian bomb shelter?

A colder biome setting to match the cool blue color of Lucky Block OMEGA!


And you don't even have to worry about any precipitation getting inside your battleground.


Not for the faint of heart, however.

Special Spawn Eggs included... summon the OMEGA Bosses even when you're using other Lucky Blocks!

Wither Warrior... Baba Yaga... Blaze Lord... Ghost Rider... Bacon Overlord... and even Herobrine!

All with special colored names and unique drops.

Including the new 1.12 boss - the False Prophet and his Heretics.


Also containing spawn eggs for an assortment of minibosses...

Bob 2.0...

Winter's Curse...

Desert Shadow...

And the Killer Bunny?


Unique Villagers add a touch of OMEGA to any Challenge Game.

Everyone's favorite oddball traders are back, and loaded with emeralds and diamonds for you to use.

Remember, though... the beacons must be dry!

If you can collect ten of them... (honor system in place here!) can net yourself the full OMEGA Set!


And to top it all off, the beds are safe from explosions... mostly!

Your respawn zone is nearly completely encased in obsidian, to save the beds and trash chests from those pesky supercharged Creepers. Hopefully. Maybe. Best not open blocks near it, just in case!




Screenshot Gallery


Aerial View:


And the Front Gate:



Also try Lucky Block OMEGA itself!

Simply head on over to the Lucky Block OMEGA page and download it there!

Just remember to keep a backup copy of the map zipped up in case something catastrophic happens... like a supercharged explosion?



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