The REAL Lucky Block DELTA

13,028 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.8


Just when you thought things couldn't get any better!



New custom drops!

Omega tools not flashy enough? Looking for a new set of gear?

Then try your luck with DELTA!

New emerald tools.

Awesome weapons and armor.

Special Loot++ addons!


All these and more can be found within the new Lucky Block DELTA.


New gear... new mobs!

Ninja Zombies.

Regenerative Zombies.

Stormtrooper Skeletons.

Sith Lords...? WARNING: Engaging the Sith Lord without Splash Potions of Healing will result in extreme loss of life.


All wearing one of the new armor sets available here!


It's not all bad, though.

Trip's tools make a return!

The unbreakable golden set, now back with a new name.


New yummy apples to munch on too.

Emerald Apples... eat one to get a nice speed and attack buff.


Mystery potions!

Who knows what these crazy potions do? Might be really good... might be really bad! Only those with sharp vision can tell them apart.


And the Challenge Games come right to your own doorstep!

Battle Strategist. Strange Item Collector. Lucky Trader. All with preset trades for your challenging games of Minecraft.




How to Craft:

Crafting the DELTA Lucky Block is simple, just surround your standard Lucky Block with Emeralds and Lime Dye and presto! DELTA Block! 




Requires Forge 1.8 and Loot++ (v1.1 or newer) to run!


Download Forge here.

Download Loot++ here.

Download Lucky Block here.




Screenshot Gallery!




Video Gallery!



Also try Lucky Block OMEGA for a more vanilla Lucky Block experience.


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