The Curse of the Blackened Heart

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An island plagued by danger... a quiet mining town said to be cursed... enter the epic world of The Curse of the Blackened Heart!


About the Map:

Navigate through the caves of Dayle in this demo, and try not to lose your hearts! This map features custom music (which I made myself =D), interactive dialogue, cool custom items, and more!


This map started out when I was playing with command blocks, trying to recreate some of the game mechanics of the legend of zelda games, and they turned out so well I figured I would use them to make a really awesome adventure map! Don't expect a legend of zelda map though; this map has an original story, which, well, you'll have to find out for yourself.


This is just the demo; The full map will be released in three parts, and will take a long time to complete. Expect awesome things to come!






Custom Dialogue






Fighting with the Lantern


No videos yet!

Resource Pack:

Download Instructions:

Download this map and the above resource pack. This map was made in 1.11.2; I can't guarantee it will work with any other version.


The resource pack has bulit-in support for Optifine! If you do use optifine, to get the glowing effect to work, turn 'Fast Render' OFF under 'Performance...'!


You can also use mods with this map. HOWEVER, Forge still doesn't support custom armor attributes (which this map relies heavily on), so if you want to use Forge, you will need a mod that fixes that, like Armor Recalc by TheOldOne22, or Potion Core by myself (I'd recommend Potion Core, as it also fixes a couple other vanilla bugs related to changing dimensions and logging out and back in).


If running the map from a server, make sure these lines are in your

[code]allow-nether=true<br />gamemode=2<br />generator-settings=3;minecraft\:bedrock,33*minecraft\:sandstone,31*minecraft\:water;0;<br />level-type=FLAT<br />pvp=false<br />enable-command-block=true<br />allow-flight=true<br />motd=The Curse of the Blackened Heart[/code]


Everything here was made by myself (Tmtravlr)!


If you've played with my lucky block addons, you might recognize a few of the textures (like the throwable tnt, and the fairy). The textures were actually originally created for this map. That tells you how long I've been working on it...

 If you want to make a comment, or report a bug, please post on minecraftforums, as I may not respond here.


Also, nearly every piece of text in the map is translatable, but sadly I don't know any other languages well enough to translate it, so if you want to help support the map by translating it into a new language, send me a pm!


Enjoy the map!


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The Curse of the Blackened Heart - An epic adventure map!


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