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Welcome to the start of your next minecraft life.

Start on a sweet little stranded island. The only way to get resources and materials is to visit and consume dungeons and take their things!

  • Over 16 hand crafted and unique dangerous dungeons to conquer
  • Custom spawners & mobs with custom drops
  • Unique rewards, items, & gear!
  • Difficult situations that require tactics or brute force -- up to you
  • Each dungeon is entirely unique, with traps, hazards, monsters, and difficult environments.

This is a difficult survival world meant to give you many, many hours of gameplay. Every piece of the world is customized by my own devious mind, pixel by pixel. I've left a lot of things to try and kill you. Don't let me.

Do not expect villagers or any other dimensions at first.

The goal of this map is to remind players how difficult Minecraft used to be. But without all the tedium and also I give you a lot of cool stuff you can't get in vanilla. But you have to earn it.

  1. Survive
  2. Build up your island
  3. Explore, consume, and defeat a dungeon
  4. Get access to new dungeons & repeat
  5. Die a bunch of times
  6. Get really awesome loot you can't normally find
  7. Find special merchants and vendors
  8. Collect sponges
  9. There's a real bad guy at the end to defeat, too

This is a very large map and will take some time to complete.

Intended for 1 to 8 players. Or more; I'm not your daddy.