Sky Biome

12,073 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 2, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.7

Hello my friend! Welcome to Sky Biome (v. 1.1)!

This is a map that has different biomes on different islands! You can play alone, and it's also a very good map to play with your friends on your own server! I played this map myself and find some problems. So my first release is version 1.1. Leave a comment to give me suggestions or report issues! hope you guys enjoy this map ;)


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 - The gate to nether is on an island far away from main island!

 - There are bonuses on each floating island!

 - There are resources underground 

 - Sleep in a bed so you don't respawn in sky

 - Don't waste your water and lava! They are very important

 - You can get seeds from grasses, and you can grow grasses using bones.


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