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Biome Land: Extreme Mountains v1.10

 Welcome to Biome Land: Extreme Mountains Survival Edition! This is an HUGE land that combined almost all the biomes in Minecraft. You can explore the map, find the best place for you to build your home, or you can hunt for mobs. Survive and complete the challenges for you!


Shoutout for my new map: Sky Biome! [link to project page]

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  An Hawaii map: Hawa!! 

  An Empty World: Empty World

New Update: 1.10 ( June 11, 2015)

(Check the images out!)



- Better (Normal) Mountains.

- Better Snow mountains (not only snow anymore!)

- Traveling (water system)

- Gameplay (Market)



- Market at default spawn point

- Complex ground/underground water system

- Ice Land! Full of ice!

- A new volcano in nether biome (in default world)


 Click here to see screenshots!



[Normal Challenges]
--Find the plain that has lots of resources on the North East of the snow mountain
--Find Nether in normal world
--Reach the End biome in normal world
--Find Mesa Biome
--Reach the real End/Nether world

--Mine 50 emerald
--Get 50 Obsidian
--Mine 64 Gold

--Collect 128 Bones
--Collect 25 Ghast Tear
--Collect 140 Gold Nugget form Zombie Pigman
--Collect 30 end pearl
--Collect 50 blaze rod in real nether world

--Build your house in any biome
--Build a farm
--Build your house on a cliff

[Elite Challenges]
1. Set difficulty to hard
2. Be kind to animals: Don't kill them to get foods/materials
3. Build your house with obsidian on a cliff in nether biome
4. Make an infinite bow and rename it
5. Make a nether wart farm and collect 128 nether wart
6. Collect 30 wither skeleton skull
7. Craft a Beacon