Race for the Wool - Bleb Edition

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Bleb Race for the Wool

Together with more than 50 followers of Twitch streamer Hrry, we created this epic Race For the Wool map, in which you will travel through the full Minecraft experience. Starting on a small beach aside from a green hillside, your journey begins as you're on the hunt for the five blocks of wool, each hidden in their own themed areas. 

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Spider Caves 

The starting area is the Spider Caves. This is the most organic and non-linear section of the map. In order to locate the wool and obsidian you will need to study the opposite lane carefully to find a route between the bedrock. It might be beneficial to split up your team to focus on different objectives.

 Desert Temple

Next is the Desert Temple. Studying the opposite lane will give you the information you need to reach the wool, deep under the temple. Under the temple you can find the first respawn checkpoint room, shown with emerald blocks on the map.

Just before the temple building, you can find the crying obsidian. You will need the crying obsidian to progress to the stronghold area later.

Reaching the end of this area, you will find one more respawn point and a teleporter to the wool monument. To activate the portal to progress to the nether, place your obsidian block in the portal to complete it.

Literal Hell

Literal Hell is a compact labyrinth of nether biomes. The crying obsidian nether portal in the middle of this area will allow you to progress to the stronghold. To activate the portal place your crying obsidian block in the portal to complete it.

There are multiple routes through this area, some shorter than others. Study the opposite team's lane carefully to look for any shortcuts you can take, but be aware that shorter routes may have tougher mobs waiting to strike.

At the end of this area is the main boss mob of this map: King Squishy. Behind their throne you will find the blaze powder, one of the required ingredients to craft the Eye of Ender, essential in unlocking the final area of the map.

Beyond the throne room is a passage to reach the red wool.


In the Stronghold, you will find the second and final required ingredient to craft an Eye of Ender: the Ender Pearls. This will allow you progress to the final area.

You can also find the yellow wool here. Reaching it will be a challenge, you will have to be creative in order to reach it without perishing in the lava below it.

A checkpoint respawn room is available in the middle of this area.

The End Moon

In the final area, The End Moon, you will find the strongest enemies and toughest terrain, but you will also find the best gear and weapons. In the crashed ship at the entrance to the moon you will find chests with elytra and fireworks for your team. These will help you on the long journey to the wool monument with the purple wool.

The purple wool is at the centre of the moon.

We advice you to read our extensive guide, linked below, and use the world-map as you move through the map.

Bleb Race For the Wool - Player Guide

Bleb Race For the Wool - World Map


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