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This is a continuation of the original Bleb Resources uploaded and maintained by Jambl3r


Developed mainly by jambl3r, maintained by the Bleb community

Uses art from

Direct contributors:












In the Files section, you can choose between a vanilla resource pack, and the standard one that requires you to have OptiFine installed. The vanilla version has some features removed.

Full resource pack content:

  • Added Diamond Ore (hryBoggies)
  • Added Creeper (hrySir and GLARANCE)
  • Added 24 splash phrases
  • Added Bee (hryQt) (blebSad)
  • Added Ghast (hryHuh)
  • Added Gold Rabbit (hryOp)
  • Added Shulker (hryQt)
  • Added Slime, Slime Block, Sticky Piston and Slimeball (hryOp)
  • Added Squid(dlu)
  • Added Villager (hryYimmy)
  • Added Wither (hryNigel)
  • Added Zombie (hryUnless and BLELELEunless)
  • Added "Meme Snare" (snare.ogg)
  • Added Sea Shanty instruments (bass.ogg, guitar.ogg, bit.ogg) (OSRS)
  • Added hryPog :mega: BOOM! subtitle
  • Added 'Mojang Studios' logo
  • Added Blebland Panorama on Title Screen
  • Added Slime boing sound
  • Added Music Disc '11' (The Story of Brian) with custom item texture
  • Added Minecart sounds (Diesel.ogg)
  • Added 12 replacement paintings
  • Added Advancements sound (Congratulations, Big Man Tyrone)
  • Added Bleb language pack (en-bd, Blebspeak, Blebland Autonomous Region)

> This is not enabled by default. To enable the language, on the Title Screen choose Options >> Language and enable Blebspeak (Blebland Autonomous Region). You can switch back to your preferred language any time without affecting the other resources. The language pack adds new names for blocks and items, changes GUI text and debug messages, and gives some mobs new names.

  • Added borderless Stained Glass
  • Added Pumpkin, Carved Pumpkin and Jack o'lantern textures (hryNo)
  • Added Carved Pumpkin blur overlay (hryNo)
  • Added Chicken 'say.ogg' sounds (Yameii sample)
  • Added Enderman idle sounds (EarthBound/MOTHER2 Boss encounter sample and Sanctuary Guardian boss music samples)
  • Added replacement End Poem
  • Added Ender Dragon (Vishy, face by GavConnn)
  • Added Dragon Head (Vishy, face by GavConnn)
  • Added Dragon Egg (Vishy)
  • Added Mycelium (purple coloured)
  • Added credits.ogg (Medley)
  • Added Totem of Undying (hryBoggies)
  • Added Strider (hryBleb)
  • Added breeding hearts (hryLove)
  • Added Blaze (hryOno)
  • Added Dandelion (hryB)
  • Added enchantment language (various Hrry emotes)
  • Added Honeydew pig texture
  • Added Warped Fungus and Warped Fungus on a Stick ( VIP Badge)
  • Added Enderman (hryPogO)
  • Added situational zombie texture (BERT)
  • Added situational villager textures (hryBleb, Mr. Mime, hryYimmy, BERT)
  • Added Enchanting Table (various Hrry memes)
  • Added profession badges to villagers (sub badges)
  • Added Crafting book (hryGoogle)
  • Added new quieter clicking sound for dispensers and similar
  • Added hryPogO spyglass
  • Added new ore textures (Old vanilla and custom textures)
  • Added glow lichen
  • Added raw copper (hryCop by SuperNathan_)
  • Added zombie pigman legacy texture (Custom, by Ifryx)
  • Added chest (Acacia colour scheme, by Ifryx)
  • Added saplings (Animated SuSway, by Ifryx)
  • Added turtle (Custom, by Ifryx)
  • Added full resource support for Bleb Resources: Songs and Tales, a data pack written by Stinkgo.

> This resource pack directly samples 'Rick Roll Jazz' by Bari S which can be found here:

All works not drawn or designed by Jambl3r credited above. This is a collaborative project and all those who submitted art understand and accept that their works will appear in this resource pack.


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