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Filename QMAGNET's Test Map [1.12.1].zip
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Uploaded Aug 21, 2017
Game Version 1.12.1
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


AUG 21, 2017 (1.12.1)
- Rebuilt server spawn area for clearer instructions for Realms/Server
- Reworked commands for specifics when multiple players are present
- Disabled advancements / recipes
- Rebuilt Testing Area piston door mechanics
- Rebuilt greenhouse (added growth displays)
- Added shulker bullet and partially filled cauldrons
- Updated main map display
- Updated credit sign URLs
- Disabled armor stand interaction for some displays
- Fixed a sign mistake on parrots
- Added items to vex hands
- Updated map compatibility sign


JUL 25, 2017 (1.12)
- Created better server spawnpoint
- Fixed Last updated date
- Reset the chicken map maker


JUL 18, 2017 (1.12)
- Small update to add clay to Block Sampler and minor tweaking to fireworks

JUL 17, 2017 (1.12)
- New version release!
- Fixed all broken commands from Mojang changes
- Redesigned a number of rooms with Concrete textures
- Expanded block sampler section (credit: Ivan Mitov)
- Replaced chest with Shulker boxes in Inventory Room
- Added 1.12 blocks and mobs
- Glazed Terracotta views as 9x9 segments
- Added Frosted Ice, Concrete, Concrete Dust, Shulker Boxes, Observer
- Added all Coloured Beds
- Nitwit villager and zombie counterpart have been added
- Added Evocation Fangs
- Added Parrots, Illagers, Vexes, Llama (complete with all carpet decor)
- Added McKenzie, Great White North is complete Hoser!
- Shulker cage has been expanded to included all colours
- Added sheared sheep (adult/baby), piglet with saddle
- Added secret happy challenge
- Added Elytra to Husk in cage
- Added Llama to GUIs
- Added new mobs to effect testing
- Added Llama spit and Totem to particles and AEC testing
- Added Woodland Mansion to structure section
- Fixed spelling on Philippines flag display sign
- Added all new sounds, such as Parrots, Illagers, UI Toast Challenge, etc.


JUN 26, 2016 (1.10.2)
- Fixed Grumm


JUN 26, 2016 (1.10.2)
- Added all fossils
- Smalled structure now  have structure blocks issued to them
- Map folder contains structure NBT files
- Added Luck/Unluck to effect testing
- Added Wither Horseman and more Jockeys
- Replaced gravel with grass path in biome section
- Repaired broken End City structure
- Added bonus prisoners


JUN 9, 2016 (1.10)
- Redesigned playsounds - now working with all new sounds for 1.10
- New structure section
- Added 1.10 blocks and mobs
- Beacon Beams now have a glass colour tester
- fallingdust has been added to AreaEffectCloud testing and particles
- Squid can viewed better in their display cell


MAR 16, 2016 (1.9.1)

- Fixed some issues caused by 1.9 release, frozen mobs being affected by gravity
- Copied final End Ship into biome section
- playsounds section is currently broken

OCT 8, 2015 (15w41b)
- Added new boats

OCT 6, 2015 (15w40b)
- Fixed some flags
- Added Isle of Man
- Fixed wrong sign in mob displays

SEP 29, 2015 (15w38b)

- Fixed the flags that were backwards and the signs that had wrong spelling for countries
- Fixed the End Gateway portals to reactivate if falling through
- Added End Gateway beams

SEP 25, 2015 (15w38b)
The 1.9 update is the biggest update I have done to this map.

- Building Blocks have no been separated from functional blocks.
- Block Sampler - designed for screenshots
- Huge banner hallway which includes EVERY country flag of the world.
- Effect Testing Lab - includes multiple testing chambers for implementing effects on mobs and yourself
- AreaEffectCloud particle viewing
- Much much more!!

Basically the entire map has been reworked