Potion Master

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Potion Master – The enchanting and perplexing puzzle adventure! sequal to A-Z of Minecraft

Welcome to this VILLAGER.INC certified testing course, where you will make your way through new test rooms! After the “Virus incident” we’ve had to expand our interests in the name of science! But don’t worry! There are still plenty of dangerous, physic-defying testing rooms for you to complete! So grab those potions, pick up that enchanted gear and begin the course! The CORE will watch over you!

Welcome to Potion Master! The 1.9 sequel to the A-Z of Minecraft! In this map you take on the role of VILLAGER.INC’s new tester as you complete 17 potion and enchanting themed tests! At the end of each test you must press the diamond button to complete the room. Finishing every 4 tests unlocks the next floor! Each of these tests are relatively easy and rely on your ability to enchant and brew! But don’t worry, when the facility is run over you must complete redstone puzzles, battle mobs and run parkour courses to escape AOS……

After I made The A-Z of Minecraft, I enjoyed building the map so much, I made another! (It’s summer. What are going to do?) This map mixes puzzle with adventure to create a great challenge! Enjoy! feel free to record footage of this map as long as a link is provided!


This map must be played in the latest version of 1.9 snapshots! Follow the link to the download and extract the save file! Then place in your save directory and play in 1.9!


This map was designed for single player. But should easily work for two or more players! Just note that it may allow you to cheat in some areas or cause errors in others!

Mistakes or Shortcuts:

Let me know if something goes wrong! You can’t get everything right first time!


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