Villager INC - Genesis

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Welcome, research associate, to the Villager INC protocol. Please ignore any tears in the fabric of space...


Villager INC - Genesis is a technology and resource based mod which grants the player a way of obtaining power, plastic and increased ore production with minimal work in an early-game scenario. As well as incorporating a range of different machines, plants, tools and blocks, this mod also serves as a dependency library for other Villager INC mods. Everything you need to start an adventure into the efficient world of Minecraft technology-mods is contained inside this quirky package, plus a whole lot more.



Plants and Crops
  • Slimy Reeds
  • Rubber Trees
  • Rubber Reeds


  • Rubber Putty
  • Rubber Bars
  • Enrichium
  • Quartz Crystal


Power Generators
  • Batteries
  • Encased Wire Blocks
  • Furnace Generator
  • Thermal Generator
  • Hydro Generator
  • Enrichium Generator
  • Solar Panels & Lunar Panels


  • Extractors & Energised Extractors
  • Refinery
  • Crystaline Tumbler


Tools and Items
  • Plastic Shears
  • Enriched Tools
  • Slimy Tools





You can note bugs or issues with this mod using either the comments, of the issue tracker at the top of the page (preferred).


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