Norzeteus Space-Adventuremap 1.8.- 1.8.9

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Hello mates, I`m back again!

Today I´ll present you my newest project, a space adventuremap "Fighting against BigBrain".


It is the year 2074 and the Earth's resources are almost exhausted,so the people have to look for another planet on which they could live.
So they found planet Xios II, nearby planet Jupiter.
The great problem was, that this planet was occupied by aliens,ruled by a cruel monster called BigBrain.
After several failed missions, it is now your job,to fight this monster and his henchmen and to kill them.


There are about eleven quests to do and I think,it`s not always easy, because aliens are very tricky sometimes and they will fight hard...
Some ways are declared ,some you have to figure out how to get to your destination.There are also some puzzles and you need to act tactically and be economical with your resources.
After winning the game,the large town is yours and you can explore many hidden things....


Due to the fact that the city is very large and there are a lot of commandblocks and redstone installed, the map could become a little laggy.
To reduce lag, add some more ram to the game (min 2 Gig,you must try it out),reduce chunkloading ore you can use the [64x] pack...
Sometimes,after dying,some objects were not loaded and are disappeared,then save down and restart again. ;)
It took me about 7 months working on this project, I hope all will work as I planed.(after testing xxxxtimes...)

To play this map:
My Space-Pack is reqired,

Space - Addon is reqired,

Space Adventure - Addon is reqired

and MCPatcher is required (works only to vers.1.8.7 at the moment) MC-Version 1.8.7 (ore lower to 1.8)

or use Optifine (map works from MC vers.1.8 to 1.8.9) and reduces lag, don`t screw it up to high,test it!


P.S: If you have some problems or you do not go ahead with the missions, pm me, I`ll help...perhaps....

Please let me know how you liked the map, suggestions and criticism are welcome, that I will know, what I have to do better next time....


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