Kit Spleef

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Filename [1.12] Kit Spleef by Ravbug
Uploaded by ravbuganimations
Uploaded Mar 9, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 6.49 MB
Downloads 15,423
MD5 f35eba5d0807708494d345a3009a063d
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


1.12 v6

~ Fixed special item spam introduced in previous version for real this time

~ Reduced cost of Demolitionist special move to 3 Levels

1.12 v5
~ Potion effects cleared after round
~ Fixed special item spam introduced in previous version
~ XP info shows at countdown instead of when the map reset starts
~ Scoreboard actually fixed this time

1.12 v4
~ Fixed scoreboard?
+ Added info message when Special Moves is on
~ hopefully fixed that stupid scoreboard
~ Beastmaster special move costs less (5 levels)
~ Builder special move costs less (6 levels)
- Removed unneeded player data

1.12 v3
~ Players should no longer end up in the spawn box behind the lobby
+ Added a button to send players back to the lobby should they end up in the spawn box by some wizardry

1.12 v2
~ Fixed un-oped players being unable to chose kits or change settings in Multiplayer
~ (Hopefully) fixed sidebar scoreboard not updating properly when a player loses
+ Added a reset switch in case the map goes loopy. It's located behind the lobby wall. Look for a purple wool.

+ New kit: Random kit. Randomly sets the player's kit to one of the other kits, at the start of the game. Must be re-picked at each round.
+ New setting: Random Kits Override. Overrides all player kit selections and instead sets all player kits to a random kit. This is automatically disabled if Lock Kit is used.
+ Spectator kit now has a sign on its pedestal.
+ Fixed everything that 1.12 broke (so this map is not compatible with 1.11 or lower)

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