Kit Spleef

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Kit Spleef - Spleef With Kits and Options!


*Updated to Minecraft 1.12.2
Big 1.10/1.11 update! Includes special abilities for each kit, a new kit, new options, and lots and lots of bug fixes!

Play with as many friends as you want in this chaos-filled kit-based Spleef minigame map!

Includes settings to change the gameplay, such as sudden death, CPU players, terrain features, and more!

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The Kits!
Snow Shoveler
– Gets an unbreakable diamond shovel
– Can slice through the platform easily!

Special Ability: Ground Pound

– Cost: 6 Levels

– Smash the ground and create holes under nearby players!

– Shoots arrows that dig 3x3 holes where they land!

Special Ability: TNT Arrows

– Cost: 6 Levels

– Shoot explosive arrows that blast holes in the map!

– Spawn creepers that speed to their target and explode, creating annoying holes!

Special Ability: TNT Blocks

– Cost: 4 Levels

– Get TNT blocks to precisely blow up your opponents!

– Be anywhere in a flash with magnificent ender pearls!

(New!) Special Ability: Aura of Teleportation

– Cost: 6 Levels

– Create an aura of teleportation that warps nearby players to the next-lowest layer!

– Gets a special Despawn Egg that turns any mob nearby into its spawn egg!
– Blinds/nauseates any players that go near the egg for a short time!

Special Ability: Bat Bombs

– Cost: 6 Levels

– Spawn three bats carrying TNT which explode simultaneously, creating a massive hole!


– Stack your way to victory with an unlimited amount of snow blocks!

Special Ability: Magic Boots

– Cost: 6 Levels

– With these magical boots, walk on a platform of snow created at your feet!

Gain levels to activate powerups by digging around! As players dig, their XP bars fill up and when they reach the required amount of XP they can activate the powerup!


Random Kit

-- Set your kit to a random one when the game starts! Lasts for one round.

-- Want to set everyone's kit to a random one? Flip the lever nearby the Spectator kit pedestal labeled "Random Kit Override"

The settings!
Spice up your gameplay with these settings!

CPU Players: Generate a bunch of Computer-Controlled Undead Spleefers! They always play fair :)


Random Item Jukeboxes: At regular intervals, summons a Jukebox containing an item which can be retrieved by breaking it Customize the interval using a new setting on the right-side wall.


Keep Loot Between Games: Players keep all their items between games. With this toggled off, inventories are reset each round.


Sudden Death: At a customizable time, summon Falling TNT until the round ends! Toasty! Customize the time using a new option on the right-side wall.

Auto-Start Next Game: Automatically initiates the countdown until the next round, giving players a 30-second grace period to choose kits/change options.

Unbreakable Shovels: By default, all the kits except for Snow Shoveler get Golden Shovels
that break quickly (but regenerate slowly). Toggle this on to give all the kits unbreakable shovels.

Special Abilities: Determines whether special abilities are enabled or not. Toggle off for the classic spleef experience.

Kit Mixing:An exploit exists that allows players to mix items between kits and get more items than usual by dropping them on the ground. I patched this, but the games were still fun with the exploit so you can toggle this setting to "Allowed" to disable the fix.

Classic Mode Snow Layers:With the generator set to Classic (flat) terrain, determine whether the playing field is two or three layers tall.

UHC Mode: By default, players regenerate lost health. But with this toggled on players do not regain lost health!

Motivational Chat Messages: Speaks for the player during rounds by typing for them in the chat. Off by default.

Reset Scoreboard:Resets all online player scores on the Wins leaderboard to 0. Offline players disappear off the scoreboard.

Play During:Change the time of day during a round to day or night. At night lamps automatically activate to illuminate the Lobby.

Lock kit: All players are assigned the selected kits and the kit selecting buttons are disabled until the next round. Useful for tournaments.

Level Mode:Determine if the playing field is flat (Classic) or has stairs and walls (Special).

Players Take Damage during Game:With this toggled on, the only way to lose is to fall off the arena.

Day/Night Cycle:Enables the default Minecraft Day/Night cycle.

Number of Opponents (Singleplayer only): Choose how many CPU Players to play against. Changes by twos.


Random Kits Override: Overrides all player kit selections and instead provides them with a random kit. Using the Lock Kit feature will automatically disable this.

Shader used: Kuda Shaders

The Lobby!

Players in-game

In-game screenshot showing scoreboard

View of the settings wall

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Note that this video is for the 1.8 version

Important Notes
Set the spawn_permission in to zero

– This map will probably not work on servers with plugins! Please use vanilla to ensure the best results. I will not fix issues relating to plugin compatibility. Instead, report those to the plugin devs.

If you want to report a bug or give me your feedback, just comment below! Or click the View Map Credits button in-game and click the send feedback link. I want to hear from you!


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