Kit Spleef

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Filename [1.11] Kit Spleef by Ravbug
Uploaded by ravbuganimations
Uploaded Dec 20, 2016
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 6.61 MB
Downloads 5,337
MD5 9d454d9422f19c7da7a88314af84eed9
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


1.11 Patch 7

~ Fixed zip having too many folders


  1.11 Patch 5

   + Map now resets properly (No more random floating snow!)

   + Added a boundary to prevent breakages if players venture too far away

   ~ Fixed a bug where Bat Bomb power-up was broken

   ~ Widened the settings second-floor pathway

   ~ Fixed a bug regarding death during games (Incorrect scoreboard attributions)

   ~ Changed lightning sound effect to the totem of Undying sound effect

   – Removed GG messages due to complaints


1.11 Patch 4

+  added the Motivational Chat Messages back, this time much more motivational and constructive!

~ Decreased file size from 6 MB to 3.5 MB


1.11 Patch 3

- Removed a lot of laggy signs from behind the Redstone

+ Big performance increase!

- Due to complaints about it being insulting, the Motivational Chat Messages lever is now gone. However, you can re-enable it by placing a lever and a sign above the lever in the gap where it used to be.


1.11 Patch 2

+ Fixed lobby countdown color error

+ Fixed Demolitionist kit issues


1.11 Patch!

+ Add doWeatherCycle to false to prevent rain
+ Give the kit’s helmets curse of binding
+ Give builder’s boots curse of binding
+ Update map icon and name to say 1.11
+ Move Lobby countdown to the new “Action bar” title view

+ Move jukebox announcer to “action bar” title view

+ Patched all the things 1.11 broke
- Remove Single Player opponent number printout (Was there due to a 1.10 bug)